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Understanding both contract taxes and labor law is crucial for businesses to ensure compliance with government regulations and avoid legal consequences. It is also important for employees to understand their rights and responsibilities under labor law




40 hours a week (without overtime)

20 days of holiday in a year

2 sick days

no work on national holidays

Unlimited contract

1,5 months trial period

termination notice period 2 full months


If the employment will be terminated for any reason earlier than 18 months you have to cover the relocation expenses

Taxes and fees for health and social insurance are deducted from your salary monthly


The money you will receive in your bank account is your net salary and is at your disposal


In the Czech Republic we have a system where payment for your health and social insurance and tax is deducted from your salary and your employer pays additional contributions

It is Important for you is to know that the salary in your contract is before the tax and deductions.

Use the above mentioned calculator to calculate your net salary. In general all the payments are around 23 % of your gross salary.


Full health insurance

regular check-ups, emergency care,

Social insurance

pension support, sickness, inability to work


Do I have to pay taxes and how much? 

In short, yes. However as your employer Acamar is obligated to pay a social security contribution for all their employees, which includes sickness insurance, pension insurance and contribution to the state employment policy. Use the calculator above to find out how much you earn after paying taxes.

Do I have to do tax return at the end of the year?

Yes, but you don't have to worry about it. All the paperwork will be done by our accountant, we will need only your signature. Also you will not pay any additional money.

Where do I pay taxes? In the Czech Republic or my home country?
It depends when you relocate. You pay taxes in the country where you spent more than 180 days in a year. 

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