Why is Prague the best city to move to? We will give you a few arguments supported by world rankings. Keep on reading for tips on integration and expat communities. 

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Prague is 7th best city for Expats

Prague was often described as being among the most beautiful cities in the world, but lately,  it has increasingly been mentioned as being among the best cities for Expats. Read more on the Expats.cz, an online magazine  expats.

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Experiences of expats living in Prague

The international ranking is one thing but do you want to hear some real experiences from digital nomads and expats living in Prague?

Hones Guide videos - your best guide for the Czech Republic
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What has the Czech Republic to offer?

VisitCzechRepublic is a national website for tourists. Many beautiful pictures, an overview of the national heritage, and events. Whether you prefer culture or nature you can read tips on both.

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Prague guide and all the tips

Prague.eu is the official guide for the capital city Prague. Read about all the tourist attractions but also about food and drink, and cultural events.

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Integration and support

Acamar will support you and help you to start your life in Prague. However, there are also other organisations which specialise in this field. For example the Integration centre which offers information meetings, language courses and more...

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All the legal things 

This website provides the basics you should know about legal things. If you want more information the government website offers brochures, leaflets, education, integration courses, social security, and everything connected to life in the Czech Republic for foreigners.