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Czech Republic

Why is Prague the best city to move to? We will give you a few arguments supported by world rankings. Keep on reading for tips on integration and expat communities. 

Let's get to know   Prague

What has

the Czech Republic

to offer?

VisitCzechRepublic is a national website for travelers. Many beautiful pictures, an overview of the national heritage, and events. Whether you prefer culture or nature you can read tips on both

 reasons to live in   Prague  as a digital nomad



Low cost of living

Although prices have rocketed in the past few years, Prague remains one of the cheapest cities to live in Europe



Prague is one of the safest cities to live in Europe. The crime rate is low and walking alone at night isn’t dangerous


The language is not a barrier

You’ll be able to get by in English in your day-to-day life without a problem

Easy to travel around

Prague’s conveniently located in Central Europe, which makes it extremely easy to travel around.

Expat community

The city attracts not only digital nomads, but also many foreigners who come work for multinational companies 



Recreational activities

With tons of museums, parks and bars to choose from, you’ll find something to do in your free time.


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