Moving to the heart of Europe and starting your career there. Does that sound crazy? Not to us.
We know how to make it happen and we will be with you on this journey and guide you through every step

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Visa application

Acamar will help you to get residency and working permission for the Czech Republic. You will become an an Acamar employee with all rights under the Czech Labour Code. What documents and how to  apply will be answered on this page and later managed by one of our relocation professionals


Family members

You can also relocate your close family members. We will guide you through the paperwork related to this type of visa. Read more about what to keep in mind when relocating with your family members

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Let's have a look on what will happen after your Czech visa gets approved. The relocation process, supported by Acamar, that will make the moving process smooth and easy

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Relocation budget

Expenses related to immigration documentation are covered by Acamar as well as the relocation process and its related expenses. This section will give you more details about what is covered by Acamar and what support is offered for the relocation of family members