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Acamar will help you to get a residency and working permission for the Czech Republic. You will become an Acamar employee with all rights under the Czech Labour Code. What documents and how to  apply will be answered on this page and later managed by our relocation professionals

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Employee card

The visa that you will apply for is called an Employee card which is dual permission allowing you to live and work within the territory of the European Union.  

We will support you during the entire relocation process. The person responsible for your relocation will guide you through all the stages from paperwork and application to finding a flat in the final destination

This page will provide you with a brief overview of the process. We will go into more detail in our first relocation call.

Required documents

Valid international passport 

Passport photos 

Application form 

University diploma 

Criminal record check 

Employment contract 

Proof of accommodation  

Please note that all documents must be translated to Czech language and verified by a notary. We will give you guidance on how to manage this process

After you have all the required documents, we will book you an appointment at the nearest Czech embassy


The process of approving your visa usually takes about 40 days. After which you can arrive in the Czech Republic


Employment info

As a employee you will have certain rights and legal obligations.

In short, as an employee you have full state health insurance which is deducted from your salary. You are contracted to work 40 hours a week with 20 days off in a year, plus national holidays and Acamar's sick days.


Taxes and insurance fees are deducted from your salary by Acamar's accountant, also yearly tax returns and associated paperwork is done by us.

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