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Depending on your requirements and wishes you can choose a different type of apartment. If you decide to use a real estate agency to help you to find your new home be aware that the commission for this service is usually 100% of rent price.  

If you choose to look for an apartment by yourself, here is some information that might help you regarding the prices.


Besides the rent it is common to pay a security deposit which is equal to one month of rent. The security deposit is paid only once before you sign the contract, and it is refundable at the end of your lease.  

price usually does not include utilities, utilities are written at the end of the advertisement  

In Bratislava you will be able to find: 

Studio Apartment starting from 350 EUR/monthly

One-Bedroom Apartment starting from 450 EUR/monthly

bigger apartments usually start from 550 EUR/monthly

Here are some links which can help you to find your new home in Bratislava:  






Slovak food is made using a variety of traditional and European products and ingredients. In shops, supermarkets, or hypermarkets you can buy all kinds of vegetables and fruit in season, meat, milk products, pastry, bread, mineral and spring water, and sweets. You can also buy fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables and some other products at open-air markets.

There are also many restaurants in Slovakia ranging from cheap to expensive. For a drink, it is more usual to go to a pub where you can also have a meal. Most restaurants in town centres have special lunch offers (“denné menu”, usually consisting of a bowl of soup and a main course), which are cheaper than other meals served there. Restaurants are open from Monday to Sunday from morning till night. Stores and restaurants which open 24 hours a day have a sign reading “nonstop”.

More information and lists of catering places can be found at:





The public transportation system consists of buses, trolley-buses, and tramsno underground. 

They operate from early morning (around 4 am) and end around midnight. Here are some prices for tickets:

7 days = 12 EUR 

30 days = 30 EUR 

90 days = 80 EUR 

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Mobile tariffs

In Slovakia, there are three mobile GSM networks run by mobile operators Orange, Slovak Telekom, and Telefónica O2. There are also prepaid services provided by several branded operators, e.g. Tesco mobile and Funfón. The easiest way to start using mobile telephone services in Slovakia is to buy a prepaid SIM card. 

10 GB data = 20 EUR/monthly 

Unlimited data = 40 EUR/monthly 

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Slovak language and culture are very similar to other Slavic countries. You will easily understand prices and names in supermarkets, navigation, and public signs as most of the words are the same in the Russian language.

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