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Due to the current political situation, the relocation for Russian citizens has been adjusted. The Czech Republic is currently not granting visas for Russian citizens, therefore, we are employing you within Europe and later within the EU.


Serbia is a hidden gem in Europe, offering a high quality of life at a low cost, making it an ideal destination for relocation. With a growing economy and a friendly community, it's the perfect place to start a new chapter in your life

A New Adventure Awaits:
Relocate to   
Serbia   from Russia with Ease

Relocation from Russia to Serbia
Arrival to Serbia
Working from Serbia
Relocation to EU
Final destination
Czech Republic

Currently, you can freely travel only to a limited number of countries among which is Serbia. It is also a country where we can arrange a local work permit for you within 45 - 60 days. It will serve as a transit country to the EU because European embassies do not operate in Russia and if so, then only at a limited capacity.

Once you arrive in Serbia you will start the process to obtain the local visa. We will support you in the process of settling down and obtaining your permit by:

booking your flight

first 7 days in hotel 

agency & visa costs

recommend real estate agents

In about 2 weeks after your arrival, you can start working on the Russian freelancer license and switch to employment once you receive the local work permit. What you can expect and how we will support you during that time:


office space

community of other developers

Next, you will be applying for an EU visa in Serbia. At this moment it is possible to apply for visa to Germany. Our local team will help you to gather the documents.

Once you obtain an EU visa you can travel to the Czech Republic, you are allowed to stay 180 days in a year. Travel time from both countries (capital city) is approx. 4 - 5 hours.

The final step will be the Czech Republic. The moment the Czech Republic starts to issue visas to citizens of the Russian Federation you will start the application process for a Czech visa in the other EU country. The process will then take about 40 days.

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