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Expenses related to immigration documentation are covered by Acamar as well as the relocation process and its related expenses. This section will give you more details about what is covered by Acamar and what support is offered to relocate with family members

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Re-settlement budget

The costs related to the employee’s relocation are covered up to 2.000 EUR.
(visa fees, translation of documents, flight ticket, transfer from the airport, accommodation for the first 10 days).  

Costs for family members are not covered by Acamar, only the visa support with the paperwork is included in Acamar’s relocation package. 



  • Visa fee

  • Assistance during the visa process

  • Translation of the documents 

  • Courier to the translation agency
    (if needed) 

  • Flight ticket (up to CZK 10.000) 

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel 

  • Temporary accommodation

  • Help with finding long-term accommodation 

Family members

  • Assistance during the visa process 

  • Guidance through the paperwork

  • Help and assistance with arranging insurance 

  • Provide basic information about kindergartens, schools, employment options 

If the employment will be terminated for any reason earlier than 18 months after its conclusion, the employee will pay the above-defined relocation costs to the employer

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