Let's have a look on what will happen after your Czech visa gets approved. The relocation process supported by Acamar that will make the moving process smooth and easy.

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Your flight costs are covered by Acamar, family members' flight costs are borne by you. 
To buy flight tickets you will use one of the largest Czech websites – Letuska.cz. We will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to place the order.

After you arrive at Prague airport, there will be a driver waiting for you inside the arrival hall with your name written on a sign. He will take you directly to your accommodation where a member of Acamar’s relocation team will wait. This service is prepaid and covered by Acamar.

Temporary accommodation for the first 10 days is covered by Acamar. You will be accommodated in our company apartment which is located just 5 minutes from the metro station Pankrác. From where you will be able to get to the office which is located at Florenc metro station. After that you will start a search for your own apartment with our help.

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