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Savva Kodeikin on his relocation to Prague

Company: Deutsche Börse

Java Developer

In Prague since 2020

Hi Savva! Tell us about yourself, where are you from and how did you join Acamar?
- Hi! I am from the Moscow area, I worked in Ryazan city. I got an offer on LinkedIn from a recruiter of Acamar, that is how I made it to the interview.

Did you consider the Czech Republic as a country for relocation?
- I did not have a clear plan for relocation. I was in contact with several companies from Estonia and Sweden. Finally, I am in the Czech Republic.

What criteria did you use to choose the job?
- I looked at projects that the company offers for me and the country for relocation. The Czech Republic is located in the middle of Europe and civilization and at the same time, it is not far from Russia.

Did you have any fear or doubts about the relocation?
- I didn’t. Why would I be afraid? I just needed to try it.

Could you share with us your feelings about the relocation process?
- In general, the process was smooth. I was always in contact with coordinators from Acamar. They helped me with collecting and sending all required documents.

Did you move with your family?
- Yes, with my wife. Because of COVID, we couldn’t come together at the beginning. All embassies were closed. That’s why the visa for her was issued later. My wife came after 8 months. She works remotely.

Where do you live now?

- We rent a one-bedroom apartment. The Living room relates to the kitchen and separate bedroom. We pay for this apartment 645 EUR.

What do you like about the Czech Republic and Prague?

- Here the social life is freer. Nature is everywhere around Prague. There are so many small, maintained towns and villages as well as there are so many Russian-speaking expats.


Do you think it is enough just to speak English here? 
- It is enough; however, I think if you live in a foreign country it would be great to learn at least the basics for integration into the local society. That is why I studied for 5 months with a private teacher who is originally from Russia. Now I am planning to attend evening courses in the Czech language for foreigners.

Tell us about your projects in Deutsche Börse?
- I have already participated in two projects. The first project is a payment gateway that processes a huge number of transactions. It is interesting in terms of working with highly loaded systems. We worked in a team with four developers, and we also had four automatizations, who wrote automated tests. I have developed in Java and worked a lot on infrastructure and integration processes. I also worked with Jenkins. I really liked that the Team Lead suggested tasks that I was mostly interested in. The second project was a portal for registering new customers. It uses newer technologies and more lightweight development processes. I work as a front-end developer. Here we have TypeScript, React, and Docker. Soon we plan to migrate to Java17.

How would you describe the work in Acamar?
- I don't know about other companies, but Acamar's assistance with employee relocation deserves special praise. And I would also like to note the friendly and family atmosphere in the team.

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