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 Renting a short-term apartment 

It will probably be quite difficult to find an apartment especially if you have a tight budget. Berlin guides recommend booking short-term accommodation for the first months. Check these websites: 



Everything is included in the price – water, electricity, internet, and the flat will be fully furnished.

Expect to pay around 700 - 1300 EUR/Month for a studio or small apartment.

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 Renting a long-term apartment 

When looking for a long-term solution make sure the flat has: furniture, kitchen area, electronic appliances.

Useful vocabulary:

Kaltmiete - rent without utilities

Warmimiete - rent including everything

Wohnungtausch - flat exchange

WG - flat shared with other people

Search on these pages:




WG gesucht


Expect to pay around 700 - 1000 EUR/Month for a studio or around 1300 EUR/Month for a two-room apartment.

Phone tariffs

Germany has many phone providers and generally two types of tariffs

Contract tariffs
contract for 1 - 2 years

unlimited calls, texts (called flat)
package of internet

Prepaid phone tariffs

no  commitment
you pay for each minute/text or some come with a flat rate too

Prices change very often but in general, you can expect to pay:

EUR 20-45/month for contracted 

flat rate and 6 GB


EUR 5-8/month prepaid
flat rate and 3 GB (slow speed)


Prices change often so always search for the updated comparison. 

Mobile Phone
Public transport

Berlin has many public transport routes and the network is very wide. Public transport in Germany is very punctual. It includes different zones which are important to keep in mind when buying a ticket.  

7 days ticket – EUR 36

1-month ticket – EUR 86

1-year ticket – EUR 54,35/month

1-way ticket (valid for 90 minutes) – CZK 40 (approx. EUR 1,5)

Important to know is that Berlin is very friendly for riding a bike. It has biking paths around the city so you can safely ride around.
Plus Berlin is quite flat!

Schadow Square in Dusseldorf
Shopping Cart

Food prices in Germany are generally considered to be quite low, especially compared to those of neighboring countries

Supermarkets in Germany are not open to late hours and are always closed on Sundays - the most common are Edeka, Rewe, Lidl, Aldi, Carrefour, and Kaufland. You can buy food & drinks, meat, vegetables & fruit, basic products from the drugstore, alcohol and even cigarettes.

Hypermarkets are always located in shopping malls.

In Germany, there is a deposit on glass and even plastic bottles. So make sure you return these back to the store. You pay up to EUR 0,25 


The German language is very different from Russian. The knowledge of English might help you a little bit. But the majority of words are completely different. 

Germans do speak good English so you should be fine with that.