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You can also relocate your close family members. We guide you through all the paperwork related to this type of visa. Read more about what to remember when relocating with your family members


Family members visa

You can relocate your family members, spouse, and your children (up to 18 years old). They will apply for a long-term family visa for 1 year which allows them to come with you to the European Union. 

The costs connected to relocation and visas for your family members will be yours. Acamar will provide your family members with full visa support and help you with all the paperwork and legal processes. 

Health insurance

Your family members won’t have state health insurance. You will have to buy comprehensive insurance. There are different types of insurance. 

  • Medical Insurance Plus – this fully covers all medical emergencies and medical conditions that could occur after your arrival. 

  • Medical Insurance Exclusive – this fully covers all pre-existing medical conditions. This is a complex insurance similar to the state health insurance. It is more expensive but in case of chronic illness it would give you peace of mind. 

The insurance for a year costs up to 27 000 CZK. However, if you spouse finds a job in the Czech Republic, it can be  covered by the employer.

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