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Renting an apartment

The cost of rent varies based on where the flat is located, but generally speaking you can get a flat of a sufficient size for a single person or a couple for around
15 000 – 20 000 CZK. per month.


When renting an apartment, you will be required to sign a lease contract. There is usually a deposit (traditionally one month's rent) required by the landlord. Also, we suggest you arrange household and liability insurance. 


Utilities are paid monthly as a deposit. Every year you will receive a bill of actual consumption and either get money back or pay extra. Internet connection is usually included in the monthly rent. While heating is standard, air conditioning is not common at all.

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Food is considered cheap in comparison with other countries. Especially if you are used to making your own food on a daily basis, be ready to spend around 300 – 400 EUR per month.

Prague is full of supermarkets (opening hours are typically Mon-Sat from 8AM–10PM) - most common are Albert, Tesco, Lidl. You can buy food & drinks, meat, vegetables & fruit, basic products from the drugstore, alcohol and even cigarettes.

Hypermarkets are always located in shopping malls – even in the city centre. Those Hyperermarkets usually offer a richer variety of goods and most of them are open 6AM-24PM.

Phone tariffs

In The Czech Republic, there are mainly three telco companies T-Mobile




 All of them offer quite similar price plans, complex information can be found on their websites (available in English). Expect to pay around 600 CZK per month


You can get a contract with one of the mobile providers but they usually run for a minimum of 24 months.


Very often special bundles are included, such as free minutes or SMS bundles. Be aware that offers are usually stated without VAT. It is also common that, if you get a contract you can buy a phone for a special price too.

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Public transport

Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe.  The metro, trams, and buses are used by two-thirds of Prague's population and cover a majority of the city and outskirts. For regular traveling around the city centre, it is the best option. 

1-year ticket – CZK 3650

(approx. EUR 140)

3-months ticket – CZK 1480

(approx. EUR 60)

1-month ticket – CZK 550

(approx. EUR 22)

1-way ticket (valid for 90 minutes) – CZK 40 (approx. EUR 1,5)

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